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Hey...stay...nappy roots....yeah...hey..
Now if the world was my oyster
Baby girl everyday could be red lobster
And you would be draped in pearls
But it's not read the front page herald we need help
Sometime i wish i could save the world
Till death i wonder if there's any heros left
Quiet is kept won't hold my breath
Land of the slaves, home of the graves
Of war aids, young aids, gone crazed
These military ways in a flak scene
Love and basketball
Blood and alcohol
Cryin' my eyes out
As I watch the tower fall
Nowhere is safe, comfort is a coffin man
Lookin' out the window duckin' and crawlin' man
Daddy your son is callin' man
Look at this broken man
With broken plans
Thankfull as hell we holdin' hands
Now I'm feelin' love used to livin' it up
Not givin' a fuck, livin's enough
You got to stand for something
How about some hardcore
Save the world
Around the globe in ninety days
Hell on earth they say its nintey-nine ways
To meet your maker, dare the devil and I bet you be brave
It's just a phase
Like in puberty at school to be crazed
I got the classroom bully on my list to behave
And if he cant then i'ma show him what it means to be saved
I'm just a nerd on my last straw
Bout ten of this my last call
My self esteem extended like this planet bout to blast off
3 - 2 - 1
Feel the black planet
I'm like damn is that granite
That I could be a rapper, a hobo, or some mechanic
That I could be a failure, in fact thats how I planned it
Cause I could never say the whole world is too demanding
And I could never video shoes I couldnt handle it
So what if i tried to just do scales and not dibs
And i settled every god in the crib untill then
Just prepared for this war to begin so you could stand up
You got to stand for something
(so you can stand up)
You got to stand for something
You got to stand for something
(but nothing)
Mentally still they whippin' us
30 lashes
Ain't no love, ain't no sympathy
Them dirty bastards
Be washin' our brains with chemicals
Insubliminal leaving our sight impaired
But its right there
In plain view claim you
Pack a pistol already but the missles are already aimed to shoot
One push of a button and this whole ****** game is through
All of a sudden there's mushroom clouds
Evacuate the crowd
It's too late, it contaminates the (?)
The symptoms are maliable contagious
Without protection its inffecting all ages
Soon your body's going through stages
All at once the machine rages
Right now
(contaminate the planet, do it)
Right now
(no time is better than the present)
Right now
(we got to see some homie make it)
Right now
(im tired of this now)
Right now
(exterminate the planet, do it)
Right now
(no time is better than the present)
Right now
(we got to see some homie make it)
Right now
(the time is now)
You got to stand for something

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