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Nalu: You can lay out in the sunshine,
Or chase an island breeze!
Play along the shoreline
In waves up to your knees!
Here in Crystal Cove,
We can do anything you please
If you stay awhile!
Mermaids: Stay awhile!
Nalu: You can build a little castle
Out along the sandy dune!
Or swim the sparkling waters
Of your very own lagoon!
Nalu & Mermaids: Life here is fantastic.
Elina: But I really must go soon.
Mermaids: Oh!
Nalu: Won't you stay awhile?
Mermaids: Stay awhile!
Elina: How I wish that I could stay
In Crystal Cove forever,
But it wouldn't be okay
'Cause I gotta help my friends.
So I best be on my way
And maybe I'll be back someday.
Nalu: As the sun begins a-setting
We could take a canoe
'Til you find yourself forgetting
All the things you had to do.
Nalu & Mermaids: Paradise is twice as nice
Nalu: When there's a friend like you!
Would you stay awhile?
Mermaids: Would you stay awhile?
Elina: Would I stay awhile?
Mermaids: Stay awhile?
Elina: I would love to be that free.
I could hang around forever
In your cove out by the sea,
Under tropical moonlight.
I'd be happy as can be,
But my friends have put their trust in me.
Elina: Though I wish that I could stay.
Nalu: In Crystal Cove forever!
Elina: I'll be heading out today.
Nalu: 'Cause you've gotta help your friends!
Elina: But I think it's safe to say
That I'll only be awhile away.

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