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Fungus come hither
We need some things
Two snakes that slither
One snake that sings
One roll of tapeworms
Two yucky slugs
One bowl of wheat germs
And a case of jitterbugs
It's formed a skin again
Like a prune
Stir it up and then
Throw away that spoon
'Cause the fun's begun
Soon my little formula's ready
For spreading around
Laverna and Fungus:
Then the fun's begun
They'll need Laverna to
Help them get up off the ground
One pail of quicksand
One tsetse fly
With the eye of an a bat
And the bat of an eye
Four hairy horsemanes
Three stinky toes
Two little bird brains
I think I have one of those
Fairytopia don't you see
I'm just hoping ya learn to love me
When it's done
Laverna and Fungus:
What fun
See my little formula
Weaken your wings overnight
When it's done
Laverna and Fungus:
What fun
They'll beg Laverna to help them
Reschedule their flight
Fungus come closer
What do you see?
It's looking grosser
You've been so obedient
Now I'm almost through
There's just one ingredient missing
Now it's done
Laverna and Fungus:
It's done
Soon you'll see fumes
From my soup-loopy-loop
In the air
Laverna and Fungus:
Now it's done
It's done
They'll be so thankful to
Know that Laverna is there
And it's done
It's done
See Laverna's formula
Poison their whole atmosphere
I'll be number one
They'll love Laverna
'Cause I've got the antidote here

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Barbie: Fairytopia


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