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Laverna: Now I can see you're just like me!
Elina: Oh, no, I'm not!
Laverna: You're laughed at, and you're told you don't fit in!
Elina: Well, sometimes.
Laverna: The world is mean but, when I'm queen,
Well, then they'll see; I'm gonna make things different than they've been!
Laverna: You'll be my consort, and my point man and my pal!
Together we'll destroy your fairy town!
We'll hurt their feelings, and we'll lower their morale,
Then just for fun we'll make 'em all bow down!
Fungi: Don't be reckless with Azura's necklace!
Don't do anything to make Laverna fret!
Walk this way and hang Azura's necklace
On the hook and take a look at what you'll get!
Laverna: Fungi, show tonight's contestant what she could win!
Fungi: It's your very own brand new pair of wings!
Announcer: Yes, Elina, it's the one thing you always wanted: Fluffy gossamer wings. Nicely loaded with options like a thistledown interior; glimmering back up lights; and a fleecy exterior in your choice of creamy cloud or cotton candy pink. All this can be yours, Elina, if you make the right choice.
Laverna: Just like me, you've been misunderstood!
Your mistake? You've always been too good!
You're like me! Be like me! More like me!
Fungi: Don't be reckless with Azura's necklace!
Go and hang it on the hook that's on the wall!
Laverna: I'll be flying high and you'll be flying...
Fungi: Come and get it, you can finally have it all!
Fungi: Come and get it, you can finally have it all!
Laverna: Come and get it, little one. We'll have a ball.

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