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Twisted Mind

Redeemer, take me away
You know my fears, my forsaken destiny
Free-will, fire calls
I pledge you my mind
The oath of infidels

What they hide in their words
A traced horizon that won´t be fair
Stand up and face all the evil
Make the stones on your way be your guide

On and on I´m Searching for the unknown
The unnamed old times of my mind
That I lived ages ago
Like a crown outside a kingdom
Democracy without freedom
My life is a secret to me

Great walls, there´s no way out
My own blood betrayed me
At Arges River I was lost, I died
That´s why I can´t see myself on this mirror

Think twice
Don´t treat the suicide like your buried pain
From inside
You feel blamed souls won´t reign

On and on I´m searching for the unknown...

Solo: Amendola

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A Legacy of Honor

Soulspell texty

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