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Milvian Bridge - text


In this gentle winter nights
With just cold by my side
A cold that freezes my cries
And the fear I feel from inside

Roaming these lands, paths and places
Searching for it, a bridge to my dreams

Please my Lord I can´t deny your sign
I saw the faces of those I passed by those nights
So lead me to tears of joy

Show me the way throught the Mountains
|The Knowledge we need to remain
Are we going insane?Or are we all the same?
Why have you forsaken us this way??

Welcome, my friend, to these distant lands
Where respect is not obtained with your hands
And the Strenght is no longer a rule

Here with just a word you can climb the walls
Between your attitudes and your ideals
Here your fate is a Malleable dream

On the edge of the highest mountain
Huge wings have crossed my skies
Taking away all the ruins that sorrow left inside

Oh Father, you wouldn´t forsake me, I know
You turned all the stones of my mind
To small grains of sand
That slide throught my hand

In all my battle I´ve found a way to resound
But drowned in the blood that I spread I´m dying
How could their shields and their will be great
With our majority?
I pray for your mercy and feel that our lands
Won´t be the name

Show me the way Throught the Mountains
([Samael] - The Mountains...)
The knowledge need to remains
Are we going insane? Or are we all the same?
Why have you forsaken us this way?
([Samael] - This way...)

Show me the way...

Show me the way...

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