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My past seems too far away in this place
I can’t remember when I lost myself to them
Dark storm nights brings me only clever ghosts
Will they always win this game?
Welcome to the lowest level of your mind
Be our guest, choose one door and kill your past
No more bullshit with farewells
It’s time to tame your doom and leave this shell
It would be best to up the pace
Only one door leads you to
The eternal race
My past seems too far away in this place
There’s nothing left but a tale
Grandfathers will not tell
Dark storm nights bring only clever ghosts
They will remain forever
Inside your conscience’s rest
Are you sure this is the best way to go
To defy things you don’t know
Spying through the keyhole
Won’t show you the truth
This burden is all up to you
It’s better up your pace
The clockwork won’t wait
The morning sun is bind to eternal night
Earth will not leave a trace
Of leaving human race
Hurry up and choose a side
For you to fight and bleed to die
Choose one door and kill your past you won’t last
In the game of hours

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