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Tears in the Ocean - text


Have you ever thought about existance
I think for instance, why do we exist?
Out of boundaries of our Solar System
Far in the distance, there is a Whole

Floating in the void the Earth is just a grain of sand
Among the infinity and beyond
The cosmic light horizon
14 billion years since our Universe began
Was there really a Big Bang
Or it’s merely fiction

A globe in the dark,
Spinning round and
Round in the void
So lonely and forsaken

We are a fraction in the vast of time
Seize the moment
Everything is in motion
We are blue dot in the endless sky

The world we are living in is like a speck of dust
Our lifes will only last the blink of an eye
Always do your best cause time is running fast
The things we did will rust when we all die

All the things you love are insignificant you know
They will come but they will go like a shooting star
Hold onto your dreams be faithful to what you believe
Never give up never give in live a fulfilled life

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