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Countdown to the End of the World - text


Centuries ago we came to this rock
Covered of green trees and water
The wildlife we found was good for our goal
Allowing you evolve in freedom

We gave them a soul
We gave them a chance
We gave them the power of reason
The apes that we found were more than enough
To manipulate with our wisdom

But now the mission has failed
The race we created is hopeless I guess
Gather all units and go
Annihilation of humans is on

Countdown to the end of the world
Time has come to kill them all
We leave to go back home
And we say goodbye to all mankind
No chance to live on

The evil inside, doom of your kind
Grew like a cancer of meanness
Polluting the Earth, to feed your own greed
Poisoning the seas and the rivers

Look at yourselves, so mean and so fool
Killing each other for money
The power to rule, the World to control
This is the fall of your glory

Text přidal DevilDan

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