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World Without Conscience - text


A lifelong search for friendship to wake up, to be alone
The loneliness as it runs down my back
Checkless into the darkness
Everyone's life, so it seems
Smells like greed and more
Just to see its face in pleasant light
To the world's quickening egoism
The loneliness will determine the course of life
Everyone's life, so it seems
Accustoming humanity to the fact that alliance isn't worth it any more
In a country of technology and prosperity
Chosen a life of loneliness
Becoming shy and disaffected
Perishing connected with my own inner self
Forming this new world order
A world without conscience
Trust the time
It will bring you back
Out of time, out of dreams
A happening equaling the air
Insignificant and inviolable
Everything once constructed, consolidated and protected
Leaks now carelessly through the fingers of apathy
What waste of this so valuable sowing

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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