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Try to Remember - text


Empty and drained the desire to be
Almost burned, how will it go on
The time runs off, so quickly away
To where will this path lead us today
Doubts over doubt, asking for ability and mind in addition
Won't we need to fear for our lives
Or will we splinter at the wall
How does that sound? what does that mean?
Where is your intellect? where is your brain?
Try to remember, the strength it could give you all that force and power
Love, hate and courage the basement of this pact
Step by step to the goal
There won't be no barriers any more
The way is free, the time is past
Submerge with me into this world
Let yourself enchant as you please
Listen to the sound of music,
Don't be surprised to where the path will lead
Maybe behind your forehead you're already able to see
It touches you deep inside, but what will happen certainly?

Text přidal DevilDan


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