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True to Form - text


For such a long and nice time
Everything was like heaven to me
I didn't know we approached to a line
Cause everything was like heaven to me

Things were said that made me strong
Strengthening this bond of twosomeness
No question no doubt to whom we belonged
In this period of absolute carefreeness

This profound sadness
Never experienced before
Like Sisyphus a mental death
True to form the flight's the cause

Within a little while everything changed
Due to reasons I could never understand
Turning away left me back almost insaned
Due to reasons I could never understand

Once in love now too close to hate
My soul torn apart again every fucking day
Neglected to fight as promised before
Torn apart my ease again every fucking day

How shall I ever understand what's happened
How to explain to be abandoned now
Life is confronting me with its challenges
How to understand to be abandoned now

Text přidal DevilDan

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