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Why this has to happen again
I lived through that nightmare before
Is this a pain that will never end
Faith in humanity is gone
Betraying – soul slaying – murderer
Cheerful smile on your lips
As you spit me right in the face
Stepping me down as I lie here on the floor

You've got solid reasons to knock me out
Unveiled – disfigured part of your – life
Stay away – set me free

I wanted you stay with me forever
Now I drown in lovely solitude
I know it's not your fault – it is mine
Recollect the good times that we had

Seems that this meant nothing in your life
Stay away from me with your hypocrite lies
Stand in front of you pain overturns
Seeing you is the greatest torture for me
You violate my feeling step me down
Pleasures in life you steal away from me

Will I get back faith in life – never forever
You killed me and my soul – dying crying

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Video přidal DevilDan

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