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Inside My Emptiness - text


Walking through a desert of dead emotions
Glancing to the left and to the right
Nothing's visible except desolation
Shining bones indicate what has been
Devoid of any human feeling
Nothing proves if I'm still alive or already dead
Like a frozen lake, neither hills nor dales

Monotony is all I experience
In my mental solitude I ignore any help
All of a sudden my soul was slightly touched
Unexpected as I was I withdrew - for a moment
But curiosity couldn't be ignored

This little light came into my dull life
Somebody had broken my internal isolation
An isolation which came too slowly to be realized

Inside my emptiness
A shocking stream of pain penetrated me
Brutal and merciless the truth, obviously
Inside my emptiness
Squirming like a worm, blasting like a storm
But at the end

Gratefulness is what I know feel
You are responsible - can you see
My life has changed - no more fear
No more fear

This little light grew and with it my emotions
I couldn't avoid, I wouldn't avoid
Like a mirror it has shown me my inner self
A view that went deep - beneath my skin
I was touched to tears - impossible
My isolated and protected soul - torn apart

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