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Hope of Salvation - text


Good humans don't have themselves under control
Stranded at the end of the Earth disk
Is it over the fall into the black abyss
Or did you expect in vain the push of peace

Confused and helpless like a child
The attempt to conceal hate and tears
You're trembling on life's tight rope
Can't hold yourself with your imaginary stays

Contrary your feeling of necessity
You badly hurt your own blood
The way leads towards death
A portrayal of your own breed

As often as the hand will turn
What is will never decay
Coagulated are the veins of time
Pale and fragile are your stays

Hope for forgiveness
Apology for unusual thoughts
Concerns both of you
One in the past the other in the future

Even when your faith doesn't exist
In that what which is written
You hope to reach what you call
What you call destiny

Text přidal DevilDan

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