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Dawn for the Living - text


I will show you the way
The only way
Realize there's only one way
It's my way


Is there a God that helps you to cope with your pain
Is there a force to forgive you your sins
Institutions praying they cannot save the world
Jesus Christ – God of lies – the Devil in disguise

I will save you from death but also from life
Live in my dimension the light shining so bright
Rays of black touch your naked skin
My force awakes the animal within

Listen to my prayer – obey

My word is the law – step back
Live by your own rules – no way
Subdue in my world – attack
No chance of living – your life
Nothing left for you – just die
Dark ages coming – arise
Downfall of the light – demise

Dawn for the living
Dusk for the dead
My spirit has risen
The ground coloured red

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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