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Cerebral Tumor - text


When white appears in my eyes
A tear's flowing down my cheek
The pain caused by thousand pinpricks
My heart shattered into several parts
On desire a shout occurs where is the sense, it is over
The time trickles away and passes
The- question to myself who i am
If i'm prepared for a new period in my life
Misery and begging, who will be able to understand
The engine in my head will never rest
But its sense won't come back again
The certainty, to split my brain with something unintentional
To scan my mental strain by myself
Never again lonely, even if the mirror shows only my inner self
Greedy and ruling my only purpose
I can feel spreading change
Bundling up, canalizing. but what points out intelligence?
Edged out, but nut forgotten, eaten up by the brain's cox

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