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What would it be like
If circulation was damaged
Immunity replaced by weakness
The gates of impenetrability opened

Willing to eat through the wall's armour
Being built under constant control
Killed by old age

Like a cut down tree

First it infiltrates and than it spreads
Victory's shout guaranted
If it just would be the sign of the Zodiac
Legitimate fear would be
Far away
The triumphant march
Could not be stopped
Grown by experience
Every single warrior improved
And don't mind where they tread
To believe to be the best
Unique, perfectly constructed
Controls the course of this creed
Remember forget me not
The flower Forget me not
Oh please forget me not

Stronger ones still will exist
Preferred by us to be unknown
But so life on this earth
A coincidence of higher spheres

Legitimate fear would be

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