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Acted out of Hate - text


Don't stare at me so innocently
When I see your face I am going to be sick
To put my fingers around your neck
It is my aim to see your eyes forever closed

All bad you did in your life
Be sure you will get it back
But something will be different
You acted out of hate and I out of love

Hour for hour I will seek you
All people I will meet I will ask
And I will hear
The time will finally come and I will find you

How small and innocent you are
Tortured out of your empty body
A tear of request and fear
But it will fade because I'm hell

Can you hear them from the shadow world
The voices of the souls which are there because of you
Sounds of joy sound everywhere
Cause I give them food

Say goodbye you tiny nothing
Even worms in the Earth won't respect you
Forever suffer and follow
The time of never rest

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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