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(Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)

Ah, the west
Where the men were mean
The women were scarce
And the sheep were mighty nervous

(Hocks and spits)

You know, I'm just a cowboy
But I've got no place to go
There's no more ranges for me to ride
Nah, they got rid of those sixty, seventy years ago



Look where you're going (oh, oh, oh)
You're not going anywhere (oh, oh, oh)
People everywhere, new hairstyles (oh, oh, oh)
Where your bluffings not a change

I ain't got nowhere… nowhere to go
Sometimes I feel so… so all alone
I ain't got nowhere… nobody's home
I need a fix, I'm oh so alone

Ah, you, just ease his day (oh, oh, oh)
Easier said than done (oh, oh, oh)
I want you to make up your mind child (oh, oh, oh)
Don't bother telling me when you're done
Are you all done?

I ain't got nowhere… nowhere to hide
Sometimes I wish I could see the other side
I ain't got nowhere… nowhere to go
I'm coming down and I'm oh so alone

(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)

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