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It was an icy Christmas morning
When a boy named Morgan shot his dog that day
And he loved that dog, and boy he loved that gun
When he found it underneath the tree that day

Raised his gun for the first time
Took careful aim at the bullseye

But shot his dog instead
Now Morgan's dog is dead
And a .22's his new best friend
Now that Morgan's dog is dead

Now that new .22 is always close at hand
Now he's hunting for a new best friend
He can't get it out, out of his head
He said, "I will never miss that shot again"

Laid one hand on the Bible
The other on survival

But Morgan's dog is dead
Ah, he shot his own dog dead
And a .22's his new best friend
Now that Morgan's dog is dead

You got to get a gun
Just in case you're attacked
Sure hope you don't have an accident
You'd shoot someone that you probably shouldn't have
Oh no, you should never ever get a gun

Ah, you'd probably shoot your own damn dog
And your dog would be dead
Can't get it through your head...
...Home and head to bed

Morgan's dog is dead
Yes, Morgan's dog is dead
After all is done and said
Morgan's dog still dead

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