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When it's all said and done, the real work has just begun
And suddenly no one's around
At the end of the rainbow there's a hole in the endless road
And the damage is always under control

Take the day away from all those obtuse obligations
You can't take a vacation when there's nowhere left to go
Sink or swim the sharks below a starfish constellation
You can't afford the ticket and you've got no reservation
Please, have some faith
Lord, save this godforsaken paradise

And you've got your reasons and I've got mine
Are we having a good time
Or is it just the moonshine?

Now, if I make it to heaven and we all get to live together forever
Promise you'll be there
The apocalypse missed us one more time, mother nature kissed us goodbye
But somehow you're still there

One more crystal castle shattered at its core foundation
They use abbreviation when they've got somewhere to go
Though you know it's artificial, still it's an emotion
And now that it's official you've got feelings
So please, have some faith
Lord save this godforsaken paradise

You've got your problems and I've got mine
Are you having a good time
Or is it just the moonshine?

There's a whip and a red cape and a bull
And a plane full of snakes and the damage
I'm looking, looking, looking, looking, looking

Now you got your story and I've got mine
Are we having a good time?
I've got nothing but time

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