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When I See You (Timberwolf) - text


You had the brightest dreams
You were gonna be an artist
Who plays in a band
But I guess all things change
When you're laying on the side of the road
In the everglades
How the hell did it make sense
After you saw what Charlie went through
Does hell taste as sweet as you thought
Do you like what you are
I guess Dali's not overrated
And you're not the person I love
Takes a lot more than a 'how have you been?'
To be my friend

You smell like hospitals
And you look like bad news
And if God is real
Then I hope he has a plan for you
If the devil's real
Let him know I asked how he's been
Cause, when I rid myself of my demons
They must have found a home in you

So if Hell is real
Then I hope your enjoying your stay
(So if Hell is real
Then I hope your enjoying your stay)

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