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I suppose, in this ever-growing search for love
I'll transcend all my clothes and become bare
Cause I'm not sure of anything in this world
Except I'm always wearing black and sleeping in

How could you compose yourself each day knowing all I know
I'd cross my heart and hope to die I swear
But we remain separate in disdain
Barely breathing enemies

And I grow so dark I can barely sleep

If you ask me how I feel about myself
I'd ask you that right back and expect a pause
Who are we to be really feeling anything?
It's always been my dream to be empty

So drain me of the parts that weigh me down
Take my skin and tear me up
Make me out to be stronger than I know
Make me out to be stronger than I know

(I know) you'll never love me
I'll pretend that you love me
You'll always be the reason I stay clean

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