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Is there a reason
for the things that I do?
My pockets empty
But my heart is still full
You best damn well lover her,
Sometimes she don't love you.
You feel the pressure
Knowing what's on the line,
You tell yourself
"It’s just a matter of time."
Your conscience is a liar
A petty thief is time
No bone, no water
Alone a poor dog dies.
Vindictive bitch drowns me in debt
Devout - as the vestryman
Loyal - I waited foot in hand
This unrequited love that haunts me
Unrequited love, I'm tied and bound
It's hard to handle
When the flame gets your burned
It’s even harder
When there's nothing returned
Love sick, and tired
Dispel the urge to pursue
You best damn well love her
Most times she don't love you.
The struggle will define you,
Who you are inside.
Just take it all in stride.

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