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I'm feeding the need
The yearning to be
The archetype of everything
My will is to burn
Yet not in the urn
But in the souls of all of those
I have fostered - burn.
I'm oiled up to fire
A killing desire
To blast me out and
Shoot me up higher
The will to achieve
My inherent needs
Adopted hearts I carry
Will help propel me
Kill all my foes
Who will try to inhibit me
(Feed the need)
Bones are like steel
Rubber soul that inhabits me
(Sow the seed)
All my intentions
Possessing and owning me
All my convictions are haunting me
Feed the need
I'll feed the machine
The spear head is me
To devastate and wipe the world clean
And all who oppose
I swear unto oath
Behind me is a cavalry
Set to smite you
Swarm to me like refugees
They'll see me free their hands
Unbound in sweet relief
Fuck you,
I'm becoming more than you'll ever be

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