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Spiraling like Fibonacci sequence,
frequencies to bumping basement
see them through these semen,
caverns of complacent,
see what we can do,
adjacent to these turning tables,
all the world is waking,
but what I got in the time it's taking,
blood on pavement, Earth is quaking,
mom and pa, you
got you shaking, forsaking the sky
wanna go to vacan, can you possibly know peace, now,
nevermore, don't quote the raven,
closing flaming walls are caving, but the,
I know what it's like, the bright, the saving,
bathing, numerals, ancient,
newest, more praying, swaying bodies, all the children,
fire back on bad desire, fight David, if you can.
Find the ongoing struggle hard again,
Put heap on modeling doors, go home with God again,
You walk around, your head bound, your inner truth defined again.
But when we dance for a while, your wild incendiary, bury human family again.
Feel the currents 'round you, surge and urgent and narrow
It's just on virgin, those allergens, surgeons,
Talking version on yourself, aborted burdens,
Keep your lanterns trimmed and burning, battered,
Saw them urging, forge a knife by wife,
life become the sacrifice, another virgin,
urgent sirens, rise the skies and now the flame is burden,
it's an urban world, we too slow and all learning, I've been hurting, hell, I'm urging, we,
The sheep, the shepherds, herd into the slaughters,
Sons and daughters pay the serpent, draw the garden,
We've been hurting for so long, the same old song is sung again,
but can we finally deserve this my friends.
Find the ongoing struggle hard, what you want, my friends.
Modeling doors becoming one with God, open arm doors, go home with Him,
Again, defied our smiling, defy from time to time, again.
But when we dance for a while, the wild incendiary, bury human family again.
See the rivers of hope crushing still within a child's eyes,
Despite the brush and loads of loads, you hush to hide behind the lies
Atonement, blood, enough's enough, these wolves in sheep's disguise,
the hunted not the child in these trying down and now so do I,
Singing my God, there's no such thing only speak for sixes
Thieves must run better to the light, like the darkness will not last the night
...Choose your side, you'll see me, duck into the skies, I wonder, will you... in time.

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