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If I don’t die tonight
I’m gonna dance until I do
And if you're not too afraid
I wanna dance with you

If I’m not shot tonight
I’ll shoot instead for the top
And if you want to give me a shot
I swear I’ll never stop

I want "FAG" tattooed in red on my forehead
A revolution in my bed
To do as Valerie said (cut up men)
I wanna be straight instead

If we make it through the night
Girl, I won’t marry you
But we can celebrate our love for each other
And our other lovers, too

I want us murdered, martyred, mutilated
Matthew Shepharded to the calm
To sprout wings as we fall
Don’t want my friends dead at all

If you wanna fuck shit up
I’ll fuck with you
And if you want to fix it up
We can do that too

What’s a poor boy got to do? (ooh)
What’s a poor boy got to do? (ooh)
What's a poor boy got to do? (ooh)
What’s a poor boy got to do? (ooh)

To be gay in the USA is not feeling light and gay
Who knows how long we’ll live anyway

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