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That Good Old Jelly - text


Well, look at
jelly roll baker
, now, let me be your slave
Gambler blows his trumpet, I would rise from my grave
For some good old jelly, yes, that good old jelly roll
Well, it's good for the young, yes, an' it's good for the old
Well, she says: ''Can I put in an order, three weeks ahead?
I'd rather have yo' jelly roll than my home cooked bread
'Cause I love good old jelly, yes, that good old jelly roll''
She says: ''It does me so much good, well, deep down in my soul''
Well, you know a lady walked up and asked me:
''Talk me how to bake jelly roll''
Said: ''Nobody missed just a gift from my soul''
Bake good old jelly, yes, that good old jelly roll
Well, it's just like Maxwell house coffee,
it does me good deep down in my soul
Well, you know I was sentenced for murder, murder in the first degree
Judge's wife called up, said: ''Let that man, Brownie go free
'Cause he's a jelly roll baker, yes, bakes the best jelly roll in town
He's the only man that can bake jelly roll, hmmm, with his damper
Well, now's a soldier in hospital in a war, he was shot all full of holes
The nurse walked up and let the man to die, to get some good old jelly roll
'Cause she loves good old jelly, oh, that good old jelly roll
She said: ''I'd rather let that man lose his life, yes, not to miss my good old jelly roll''

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