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World of Everlasting Darkness - text


It is a day of a thousand sacrifices
The flock is set into the chambered caves
Howling of the wolves shall mark the way
to those who heed the call
The sigil of destruction is at heart
Of every creature walking on this earth
Human masks will be torn, as the final hour is ready to unfold

The prey the hunter now the same
World of everlasting darkness

And all the actions made by men,
will shape the path with carcasses

The emptiness of existence, shall be fueled by the mark

In the night when the dreamers dream
I channel my thoughts into the stream
And reappear as the ripper
Harvester of all that is creation
And when the deaths of a thousand years shall flow
In the river that was carved with tears
The land shall return into pre-human state
Master, command me a new mission

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