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Take Me Back to Where I Belong - text


This is the time for punishment
Lead his wrath inside your feral heart

Ride across the desert sand, follow the stench of death
Hunt them down, there is no tomorrow for those who chose the light
The final war has begun
Hear the call inside

All his living creatures will be gone from our sight

"Prepare the sacrifice!"
We prepare the sacrifice

It's a day of celebration
Death erases all that was before
And those who fought for alternation
Be served as king before before their human forms
This is the time of procreation
And I shall teach the way of the Sadus god
All the cult is by my side
Together we shall rise to claim the throne

Blade, a bless in disguise when you suffer
Beyond the death lies a dream
Of hell and torment within
Inside there is everlasting sorrow
You are trapped in your hour of doom

It's day of celebration
Angels wings have been cut and clipped
Their corpses dried from their blood
They will be hanged for their eternal lies

It's day of celebration
Blood red storms rise the fallen one
The servants flock, come by my side!
Take me back to where I belong

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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