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Inside His Mark - text


When the crown of despair
Is falling towards the hands of righteous whores
Sucking the blood, fucking your god
They who had reign in your suffering
We bring the madness to prevail

Be the evil leads the blind
We are the emptiness inside
Ten thousands corpses through the night
Celebrate - the sun has died !

They who reign the masses of despair
No more, now is the to rise again
Rise to take the power of life
Servants call...
The cult of blood reformed in his sign

And when they gather beneath the darkened sky
All grim and dead they lived their lives
Not knowing where their warmth will hide
Something is missing inside their eyes
They are the evil leads the blind
Inside the vassal echoes burn
Inside their mind his mark will born
I am your blood when he rise above

Now the sun is dying
The breath you take will be your last
Rise your hands...and be reborn as soldiers
Now the blood is drying
Be yourself inside the sign
Walk the empty fields
Walk the empty darkness inside
Now the blood is drying
You will be myself inside his mark

Text přidal DevilDan

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