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I love Sidney and Marlowe and often I borrow
Their words to express how I feel
I love poems of mystery, fantasy, history
Oh, what seductive appeal
At night, alone in my bedroom
Satisfying my need
The candlelight fire ignites my desire
To read
Every time I hear a perfect rhyme I get all tingly
Because I know
That to find a perfect rhyme is not an easy thing-ly
I love the places that words let me go
I love the way that your words move me so
No words have touched me the way that yours do
And I love—
You are really doing something to me, Mr. Poetry Man
Oh, forgive me, I never get to discuss poems in this way
(Oh, it's ok, I just never knew
that poetry could affect someone the way it affects me)
Me neither
It's the end-all, the be-all, oh, you oughta see all
The books that I have on my shelf (Me too!)
(I find pleasure perusing those writings and musings)
(So often I pleasure myself)
(Wait, that didn't sound right)
No, I know what you mean
When I'm deep in the throes of impassionate prose
I could scream
You scream? (Yeah) So do I! AHH!
I love a lilting line of lyrical alliteration
(Who doesn't love alliteration?)
And then I'm like "woah"
When the phrases come together like a consummation
(It's sweet elation)
I love the places that words let me go
I love the way that your words move me so
I love that you feel the same way I do
And I love
You know that I love
You know that I love
Me too

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