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God, I Hate Shakespeare - text


Oh, God, I hate Shakespeare
That's right, I said it (No!)
I do, I hate Shakespeare
(Why?) I just don't get it
How a mediocre actor
From a measly little town
Is suddenly the brightest jewel
In England's royal crown

Oh, God, I hate Shakespeare
His plays are wordy, but
Oh, no, the great Shakespeare
That little turd, he has no
Sense about the audience
He makes them feel so dumb
The bastard doesn't care that my
Poor ass is getting numb

How can you say that? How can you say that?
(It's easy, I can say it cause it's absolutely true)
Don't be a penis, the man is a genius
(His genius is he's fooling all of you)

But he's brilliant, what majesty flows from his pen
His poetry soars like a sweet violin
God's own inspiration, like lightning doth strike him
And he captures my soul (Aw, jeez, you sound just like him!)

Really? Thanks!

You should hate Shakespeare
(Well, I don't, I try to)
(Emulate Shakespeare)
Well, there's your problem, you're
So blinded by The Bard, who's
Such a pompous little man
(Why is it a problem to)
(Admit that I'm a fan?)
Cause he's a hack with a knack
For stealing anything he can

How can you say that? How can you say that?
The man really knows how to write a bitchin' play
You wish you could pen one, we wish we were in one
(I just wish that he would go away)

Well, that's not gonna happen because everybody
I know says that he is the greatest writer
that England has ever known

And that's another thing
I hate about Shakespeare
Is all that twits who
Bloviate about Shakespeare
And how they prattle on
About his great accomplishments
Well la-di-da-di-da
And once they start the gushing
There's no stopping them and then it's

Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah Shakespeare
And he walks in it's
Dum-de-dum-ta-da Shakespeare
He's holding court and they say
"Will, you're such a genius and
Your writing is divine
'A rose by any other name'
Is such a clever line"
And they're all "ooh" and he's all "stop"
And they're all "yay" and I'm all "*retch*!"
And I'm really getting sick of it
And oh, oh, oh

Oh, I hate Shakespeare
(I think by now, we sort of)
(Know you hate Shakespeare)
The way he feigns humility
When all he does is gloat
The way he wears that silly, frilly
Collar 'round his throat

The poster child for why
No one should ever procreate
Let me make a shorter list
And I will give it to you straight
Every little thing about Shakespeare
Is what I hate (Hates, he hates)
(He clearly surely, really, truly)
(Hates Shakespeare)

Don't hate!

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