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Yeah what happened to you,
When you couldn't ignore the line,
That got marked across your life,
What did you do?

Did you get angry?
Did you get scared?
No I didn't think so,
You were just getting some air
And you're moving right along

Yeah they were asking about you
How were you're gonna cope
And was there any hope?
They thought they knew

Yeah they thought you'd falter,
They thought you'd fail
But I knew better,
You were just setting sail
And you're moving right along
Moving right along

Yeah, where did you go what did you do,
When it all just changed so fast
And the ground just came right out from under you?
Oh did it get you down, the things they say?
Well you know they've got nothing better to do,
And anyway there's another morning, There's another day
And with a little time my friend
you know that you can get yourself back on your way
Yeah and you'll be moving right along
Moving right along
Moving right along
Moving right, right along

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