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Take me away to a place by the sea
To sit on a beach in winter my dream
My dream, the cold cutting wind
The red of your cheeks
A place that's deserted
Just you and me, you and me
Oh this will be a perfect day
Give me your hand and we'll walk by the shore
Skim stones on the water
The waves crash and roar
Crash and roar
A cloud burst of rain
A boy filled with joy
For nothing I'll worry it's perfect this day
This perfect day
Oh this will be a perfect day
Ooh don't you know that's what love it can do
Ooh don't you know that it being with you
Ohh don't you know that's what loving can do
Ohh don't you know that it's being with you
Pretending you're Neptune
Write names in the sand
Lips brushed with salt
I tell you I love you
You smile
The sky's growing darker
The sea steals our hearts
It whispers goodbye as we're driving away
I'll never forget this perfect day
Oh this has been a perfect day

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Read My Lips

Jimmy Somerville texty

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