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I blame it all on you for feeling this way
You and your wily ways
‘Cause I don’t stand to gain a thing
I give you all the room you need
I fill in the gaps between your lines
But there’s nothing there to read
And I can’t stop now
I can’t give in
Did you take all that you wanted?
Go round and round
The ice is thin
Have you no mercy?
It’s getting awfully hot in here
I race for an escape
You’re radiating all I fear
I know I’ll burn if I get too near
But I can’t pull away, though I’ve nothing to gain
I’m a moth to your flame
I know you’ve had your suspicions
Because I’ve given you reason to doubt
That my words are without meaning
I’d break you out of your cell
I would slip you the key under watchful eyes
But you pretend not to see
And I see you smile
I feel you stare
The mercury keeps rising
You start this fire
Send up your flares
Then leave me hanging
Grant me some relief, be it only one kiss
Stave off my yearning with the grace of your lips
Give me some reprieve, let it be my demise
Have I misread all of your seemingly tell-tale signs
And your promising rhymes?
You burn my wings and…
I blame it all on you for feeling this way
You and your wily ways
‘Cause I’m just a moth to your flame

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