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I'd been told
Your love is like liquid gold
And I've been sold
And it's all right
What you showed to me
You're a storm
And don't forget - I was warned
Lightning's formed
And no regrets
Skies are torn for me
I'll tell them it's real
I'll tell them I'm healed
I'll tell them you won't forget me
I'll tell them they're wrong
Then tell them I'm gone
And hope that you don't forget
To get me
They all said
She's only good in your bed
But in my head
I knew you would
Live instead for me
So, tell them it's real
Then tell them I'm healed
And tell them you won't forget me
Then tell them they're wrong
Then tell them you're gone
I hope that you don't forget
To get me
Tip the scale
I'd hammer you like a nail
What a tale
The pain from you
Is like a rail through me
Got to be love
Got to be the one
Never met someone who was taking you down
Got to let it out
Got to be strong
Making you hot is really taking me along
Really been fun
Really been around
Should've maybe listened to the stories going round
Really a shame
Really uncool
Never saw it coming you a-winding up a fool
I got you believing I won't run away
I knew you would get me another way
You thought I was leaving some other day
So, you didn't get me, Id say

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