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The last time I saw you
You spent a little more time, looking into my eyes
Said "I'm okay with you not being the same, but times ain't great and I'm open for a change"
And I'm tired of masking what I feel
I'm so tired of masking
So let me in
And I will let you in
So let me in
To the core of your soul
And to the body of your ocean
Let me, woah
Icy veins in a dark, dark room
And I still feel your old perfume
I, been broken off, but I'm used to that
And I, used to loving you, and I wanna do that
Live fast, die young, that's the mindset we from
When they ask if you're alright, just tell them you're fine
It's all we ever wanted
The freedom of doing what we want, yeah

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