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Please Tell Me - text


You are all that I need
You are all that I have
Come to me and be near me
Say you always be there

Girl it's time I come a to ya time for a lover rhyme
Cool as vanilla on the baseline
'Cause my heartbeat slammin jammin rocksteady
Pumpin for love so come have me
Anyway you like just let me know
Come and tell me what I wanna do
You love me so ohh tell me that you can't live without me
Tell me that my love is what's keepin you happy

Give yourself to me now
Please let me know what you feel
Know what you feel
Open up the door and let me into your heart
Into your heart

Please tell me what I wanna hear 'cause I love you so
Please tell me that you really care time to let me know
If you will always be there by my side I will wait for you here
Because I love you stand by my side

Like Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliet I can't see no other woman
You're the best that I met I can't help thinking about my baby
All the time I wanna be the one getting old by your side
Us two kissin on a merry-go-round
Us two kissin us the sun goes down
Us two but I gotta know that you love me
Tell me that my love is that's keepin you happy

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