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Let It All Be Sunshine - text

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Here it is, another summertime swing
Cool beats, do my thing
Gotta go for your fresh with the flow
Come down and don't come late
Summer is here so let's celebrate
Everybody comes south to the east, to the west
It's time to party, no time to waste
So all the ladies out there give me what you got
You're looking so fly and you're looking so hot
I hope you're feeling good, I hope you're feeling fine
Everybody in the summertime
Let it all be sunshine after the rain
Let it all be joy, laughter and pain
Let it all be sunshine, oh-u-o-0
Let it all be, let it all be, let it all be the same
Oh baby, so let it be the same
Let it all be, let it all be, let it all be the same
Once again I'm gonna make you party
Shake that ass, move that body
Kicking it once, kicking it twice
Everybody's out there feeling nice
Guys out there here's your chance
Girls are looking for the summer romance
So just stop standing, let's go do it now

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