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C'est La Vie - text


Here is a ball something for you girls who wanna play
So get naughty with your body
In a sexy kind of way
'Cause you see when I go out
I feel it is my duty
To check up on the cutie
With the finest looking bootie
And then I walk up and ask her is she wants to stop
She could be my Juliette, if I could be her Romeo
Thats how it is when you have time on your hands
You go out you check out your one night stand

You had a chance to be with me
But you didn't fill up my dream
You're losing your touch, I say to you
I'll pray for you, c'est la vie
C'est, c'est la vie

We walked into my crib
And she starts to get undressed
So am thinking to myself
Damn I've been blessed
The next thing that I know
The lady starts to get in-gear
Standing over there in a g-string underwear
Getting kind of you know what, I'm checking that butt
So now i can't take it, I can kick my fly shot
So its about time, for me to show
That a man is a man, and we never say no no no no

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