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Walpurgis Night - text

Witches' sabbath has arrived
Witches n' warlocks get prepared
To aim to the Blocksberg
And to witness the convent

Set the world out of its track
Tonight their oathes will come true
Dressed in velvet and in black
Maybe they out a curse on you

Witches dance around the fire
spells are spoken flames beat higher
Draw a circle in the air -
Suddenly was something there
The goddes breaks through clouds above
Her pale hands keep the secret love
Belladonna gift of flight all in the walpurgisnight

The cauldron is heated on a stake
An eagle's eye and a rat's tail
A raven's claw and some bat wings
Will show what fortune brings

The sorceress is gazing blind
On the crystal ball she holds up high
The lightning strikes into the glass
And unveils the things to come

Wheel in the sky keeps on turning
Black candles never stop burning
The five edges of the ring
Keep the pentagram and sing!

Of the goddest to rise soon again
Of the wisdom she will bring
Of the powers she holds so tight
All in walpurgisnight

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