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The Queen Of Hades - text

The regions void of day we journey long following the traces
Of the dark ravisher – to the underworld into his palaces
Here we stand at the borders of the Stygian waters
Our fate decrees to reign from there for all ages
We hail to the Queen of Hades!
Let us burn inside your warm seas
In the Styx we receive immortality
And the powers that shall be
All hail to the Queen of Hades
Mistress of golden light
Enchantress, Queen of the witches
Persephone our guide
Evoke the monarch himself
To whom the flames are given to serve thee
The vapour fills the hollows of his eyes
His grim look mesmerizes
With forgotten magic tunes
We feel dark faults to praise him
May he grant us to live with him in sin
Wretched souls, wild mailings – you can hear from the shades of Hades
We set the devouring fire to the dark foliage to burn all rapstars
Catching their boiling blood in bowls for the libation
Summoning ghosts through the rites of lethe, necromantia to the sounds of damnation

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