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The Ninth Gate - text

Once stormy night in the month of may
The starlight fades away the vioce of God
The ancient power retreats and falls astray
The infinit knowledge let Lucifer on this way
The face to bear upon his soulders
All innocence's gone away - has gone away

The once pale moon drowns in blood
The sun fades to back, the earth is dark
The veil of death comes over the land
The breath of God is extinguished
The seals are broken, the end is close
The horn of hell triumphed over the rose
The final step is now at hand
The march through ninth gate
Creation reveals, reveals

Lord of the sky - tell me why
The love has ended and torture comes by
Lord of the sea The Almighty we need
Bind are our hands we lapse into sand
Lord of this earth there are no more births
The guff is empty no more doves can be heard
Lord of the end there's nothing to repent
If you were so wise why didn't you open your eyes

And see beyond the ninth gate

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King of Dreams

Solemnity texty

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