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The Book Of Eibon - text

The 7 doors are opened and
The end has come too close
Abandoned lay the fields of trust
But on the story goes...
The 7 doors to the beyond
Revealed, but never clear
Adorned with perfect mystery
Infinity is surreal
The serpent's slyness
Four thousand years in mists
A book, a lore... a legacy?
A mystery or even something more?

Fire will roam
Where the entity is born
My call goes to Cthulu
Reveal (the key of life) – the Eibon

You will face the sea of darkness
As foretold for aeons lost
The bathos of eternal bliss
A curse or just a boon?
The Hyperborean wizard
Wisdom handed down
From generation to generation
The rituals of Eibon

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Shockwave of Steel

Solemnity texty

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