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Come with the thunder and come with the wind
Follow the hate in my eyes
All you betrayed and all you lost souls
Have you found a new home from now on
Get closer to me and take my hand
Together we'll fight the ultimate stand

Fire, fire will take us higher
The steel is in sight
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
All guns are armed
Fate is at hand
Cry for solemnity not trend!

The axes are flying
Our shield is god Thor
The hammer of vengeance is spreading the gore
You pushed us around now for too long
So come on and sing with us this metal song

All you lone crusaders come and fight with us
All you lone crusaders come and die with us
Put your hands together, scream and shout that kills

This is your last chance! Get up and shout!
Wind up your hair and cry it out loud
The soud that you're listening
Will break the chains
Blasphemers will soon realize our reign

Text přidal paja65

Reign in Hell

Solemnity texty

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