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The gothic stone, a thousand years
A million prayers heard the bricks
Could they only tell me of the souls
Who opened up before this door
So I enter through the old oak gates
No clue or answer what there waits
I pull the heavy silver rings
And beyond the doorstep an angel sings
No time to dote, no time to dream
No time to rest, no time for me
Beware the monk who is dressed in red
From the temple of doom there's no coming back
Too late for me, my fate is sealed
No uudge or jury in this secrecy
From the belfry howls the sound of death
I'm the victim in this cosmic chess
I can feel the danger in the air
Tinted shadows lead me into my last nightmare
A golden statue ends my fears
A sacrifice without a single tear
No time to live, no time to die
As I walk the archway full of silver light
An offering to dark gods unknown
In hell my soul will be reborn!

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Shockwave of Steel

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