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Open up the shrine
Feel the metal-force divine
Supremacy of iron
We are the bloodstained tyrants
Between the hammer 'n' the anvil
We sentence you to death
We are metallian inquisition
We hunt you till you're dead

Fashion fuckers die!
In no way we wear a tie
Spikes 'n' chains 'n' leather
Are here to reign forever
Claim the iron road
Feel the whiskey in the throat
Burn the bride behind
And live the life you find!

Five forged in fire
Came across the styx to slay
Hardcore's no desire
The Grunge is no to stay
Open fire! (Fire)
Open fire! (Fire)

A union formed by steel
An unbreakable seal
We came to kick your ass
So join us in this mass
We fight for rightous music
For the glory of the metal
We thrash you down to death
Our fame's your final breath
The wargods came to kill
And to reign by chroming steel
Plunge the sword within
The body of those who kneel
No mercy we will show
Await our demolition blow
There are five that came to kill
Solemnity will reign by steel!

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Reign in Hell

Solemnity texty

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