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The pact is now sealed
His power we received
Quit pro quo we gave sour souls
To fight the battle on and on
Our blood we have spilled
And so many we have killed
We left the weak at heart behind
Our legion cannot lead by the blind

So feel the fire of the insane!
The bottomless power of steel
Conquering the demons the ancient
For the master, Mephisto's his name

A fire in the night – pride, pride
The horned god of the witches arrives
A fire in the night – light light
The reign of mephisto, tonight

Reborn like a phoenix
From the ashes we arise
We left the death behind our lines
Broken skulls mirror in our eyes
The Antichrist's our guide
Triple sixes we rise
The exodus of posing clowns!!!
On this battlefield we win he crown

Text přidal paja65

Shockwave of Steel

Solemnity texty

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